IVY FREE - "Wipe and Forget" Poison Ivy
    IVY FREE  -   "Wipe and Forget" Poison Ivy


How we package

IVY FREETM is packaged as a towelette so that the box of 8 can be split up and stored in a backpack, pocket, purse, tacklebox, garden kit, glove compartment and/or medicine chest making IVY FREETM available wherever     you are, whenever you need it.


Poison Ivy Facts 

The oil in poison ivy, poison oak and sumac is urushiol.  The itching is an allergic reaction as the oil seeps into the skins pores.  Blisters form as the body tries to get rid of the oils.  A lucky 20% of people are not allergic to the oil.  The unluckiest 20% typically require hospitalization.  The middle 60% can react immediately or even three days later.  The oil can adhere to clothes or sheets and infect again.


How IVY FREE Works  

The urushiol oil forms a strong bond with surfaces and skin that makes it imposible to remove with soap and water and/or most solvents.  IVY FREETM is an enzymatic cleanser that breaks the bond between the oil and skin which allows it to be removed and simply wiped away.  Remove the oil as itching starts and the allergic reaction ends. 

         Just    "Wipe and Forget"

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 Poison Ivy, Poison Oak & Sumac


Last summer before I went to work, I decided to pull a few weeds from my garden.  I came to work and after a short period of time I noticed some red areas on my forearms.  I knew right away that it was poison ivy.  I have an outbreak every year.  I get poison ivy so severe that it has to be treated with medical attention.  That particular day one of my coworkers told me she had a product one of friends had invented called "IVY FREE".  I was very reluctant to try the product because I had tried everything over the counter in the past.  After speaking to the doctor and not being able to get an appointment for a couple of hours, I tried the IVY FREE.  When time came for me to leave for the doctor the areas had stopped itching and became very dry which indicated to me that the product had worked , at least in the initial phase.  I decided tp hold off on the doctor's appointment and rescheduled for the next day.  I ended up canceling the doctor's appointment and continued the use of IVY FREE where new areas appeared.  The itching and irritation were gone.  In a few days the poison ivy was cleared.  Also i noticed the spreading of the poinon was minimal.  This product was my definite solution and for the first time I did not have to see the family doctor nor did I have to fill a prescription.  My coworker gave me some additional samples that I now keep in my medicine chest at home and my desk drawer at work.

R Kilbourne

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