IVY FREE - "Wipe and Forget" Poison Ivy
    IVY FREE  -   "Wipe and Forget" Poison Ivy

What our customers say

"Amazing - Where can I get more?"


"What a great idea.  I can carry it with me"


"It REALLY works!"

Don K


"Thank you.  At 10PM on a camping trip we were fortunate to have IVY FREE in the first aid kit.  It immediately stopped the spread of the irritation." 

Jonathan W


"After using Ivy Free, I received instant, cool relief of the itching and irritation on my arms that results whenever I trim the hedges.  In the past I would have not been able to resist scratching my arms for relief, spreading the irritation and poison ivy all over.  I have tried all the over the counter remedities, and even prescription medications from my doctor, but nothing comes close to Ivy Free!

Paul P


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